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Nick Modrzewski


The Knees and Ankles of a Landlord


Nick Modrzewski is an artist, writer and barrister. Working across painting, sculpture, video and text, his work reads poetic possibility into social interactions, with a focus on law and other shared fictions.

Influenced by a synchronous practice of law and art, Modrzewski work’s consider the values embedded in the law and how they surreptitiously influence behaviour. 'The law is invisible but omnipotent. It regulates every aspect of our lives.' The artworks unpack the assumptions and principles embedded within the rules of law, breaking open the histories and ideas underpinning them. Modrzewski's practice seeks the mystical in the everyday, the normalised and the overlooked - whether it’s the history of land ownership, the regulation of self-eating sausages or the rules of tennis. His paintings are jovial, human and cerebral.

Mordrzewski has exhibited locally and internationally at places such as the Institute of Contemporary Arts (Singapore); First Draft (Sydney); Spring 1888 (Sydney); Fort Delta (Melbourne) and the Australian High Commission (Singapore).